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The University of Tennessee College of Social Work:

Mission: Grounded in social justice, we equip professional social workers with the skills needed to serve diverse and vulnerable populations. We build knowledge by conducting groundbreaking research that focuses on solving social problems. We engage with our communities through meaningful service.

Vision: We envision a socially just world that prioritizes the needs of the most vulnerable.

Spotlight on Erin Rose and the Grand Challenges for Social Work

In celebration of the 75th Anniversary of the founding of the UT College of Social Work, we are honoring 75 social workers—alums, faculty, staff, and others—whose work and lives exemplify the 12 Grand Challenges that have been identified by the American Academy of Social Work and Social Welfare.

The ninth honoree, Erin Rose, earned her MSSW at the University of Tennessee College of Social Work with a concentration in macro-scaled social work in the areas of environmental policy and justice, community organizing, and administration.

Erin Rose is Co-Founder and Vice-President of Social Equity for ThreeCubed, an organization whose mission is to foster equitable, sustainable futures. Her current work involves the design and implementation of studies targeting energy program impacts on households of low-socioeconomic status. Her background provides the skills necessary to study social justice issues related to householdErin Rose level fuel poverty and access to resources, especially as this impacts persons of vulnerable status.


Erin Rose is a social worker who is fulfilling the Social Work Challenge #7 by creating social responses to a changing environment. The environmental challenges reshaping contemporary societies pose profound risks to human well-being, particularly for marginalized communities. Climate change and urban development threaten health, undermine coping, and deepen existing social and environmental inequities. A changing global environment requires transformative social responses: new partnerships, deep engagement with local communities, and innovations to strengthen individual and collective assets.


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