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The University of Tennessee, with over 200 years of academic tradition, is Tennessee's premier institution of higher learning. The University is committed to excellence in education and challenges its students and faculty to excel in scholarship, in research, and in contributions to economic, social, and cultural development.

The College of Social Work is committed to advancing the mission of The University of Tennessee as the state's land-grant, flagship university, to provide a quality public education for the citizens of Tennessee through exemplary teaching, research, and service. The College of Social Work provides a professional social work education program that prepares undergraduate and graduate students for social work practice and doctoral level graduate students for social work research and academia.

The College of Social Work includes these academic offerings:

The College has established four certification programs that provide participants with competency certifications in the following areas of study.

The College supports these centers for research and service:


The educational mission of the college is accomplished by faculty committed to the use of teaching methods that support critical thinking and life-long learning. The college's research mission embraces interdisciplinary collaboration and scholarship that seeks to increase knowledge for the benefit of individuals, families, organizations, and communities. Community outreach services are rendered by both faculty, staff, and students who seek to enhance the quality of life for people and human systems in Tennessee, with particular concern for improving life conditions and greater social justice for vulnerable populations.

College of Social Work 2017 Strategic Plan

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The Master of Science in Social Work (MSSW) program is offered on the Knoxville and Nashville campuses as well as statewide through the Distance Education Program. The Bachelor of Science in Social Work (BSSW) degree is offered on the Knoxville campus. The Doctor of Social Work (DSW) in Clinical Practice and Leadership program prepares graduates for advanced clinical practice and leadership and is offered as an online program. DSW students spend one-week in intensive on-campus learning sessions. Foundation courses for the PhD program are offered in Knoxville; dissertation research may be completed in either Knoxville or Nashville. Both campuses have full-time faculty, library facilities, computer labs, and field practice resources.

Knoxville: The offices of the Dean, Knoxville Associate Dean, BSSW and Doctoral Program directors, faculty, and staff of the Knoxville campus are located in Henson Hall, at 1618 Cumberland Avenue, on The University of Tennessee campus. Also located in Knoxville are the Office of Social Work Research and Public Service and the Children's Mental Health Services Research Center. The BSSW, MSSW, and PhD programs are offered in Knoxville.

Nashville: The offices of the Nashville Associate Dean, faculty, and staff of the Nashville campus are located in the Polk Center at 193 Polk Avenue, Suite E. The Polk Center also houses offices and facilities of the Hodges Library, the Institute for Public Service, and Social Work Office of Research and Public Service. In addition to its full-time faculty members, the Nashville campus draws upon the research and teaching resources of 16 universities and colleges within the Nashville-Davidson County area. The MSSW program is offered in Nashville.

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Accreditation and Organizational Structure

CSWE accreditationThe Bachelor's and Master's degree programs of the UT College of Social Work are accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE). The MSSW program is the state of Tennessee's first and oldest CSWE accredited program. Though CSWE does not accredit doctoral programs, the college's Doctoral programs consistently receive strong, positive reviews from the University and national recognition from the National Association of Social Workers (NASW). The U.S. News and World Report has recognized the UT College of Social Work graduate program among the "Best" in its rankings. It recognizes our graduate school for its advanced social work curriculum with its courses for students studying social welfare policy, human behavior, and ethics, balanced with hands-on experience in clinical settings.

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The College of Social Work subscribes to the code of ethics of each of the following organizations:

National Association of Social Workers

International Federation of Social Workers






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