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Almost 200 students at the University of Tennessee have chosen to pursue a BSSW degree.

Program Mission and Goals


The mission of the BSSW Program is to develop generalist social workers who are strategic thinkers, life-long learners and opinion shapers. The knowledge-base, skills, and values necessary for generalist practice are taught in an environment that fosters professional development, critical thinking, and leadership and prepares student to take appropriate action guided by the best available scientific evidence.

We are dedicated to preparing practitioners for the challenges of today's complex pluralistic world. Since the amount of knowledge doubles approximately every five years, what is taught today may soon be obsolete. Our challenge, therefore, lies in the on-going development and implementation of a curriculum that prepares and energizes students for generalist practice today and in the future.


The BSSW Program prepares students to become generalist social work practitioners who:

  • are committed to advancing social and economic justice and the principles, values, and ethics that guide the social work profession;
  • are committed to evidence-based practice;
  • are grounded in systems theory and operate within a person-in-the- environment framework;
  • use the problem-solving process to intervene in multiple-level client systems;
  • have an understanding of human diversity, special populations, and domestic and international challenges, that informs practice interventions;
  • use critical thinking, evaluative skills, and leadership skills to address the needs of a complex, changing global world; and
  • are committed to continuous development of professional self.


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