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FAQs for Transfer Students

Number One

Why is my academic history important?

Your academic history provides vital information to both you and your advisor. Your academic history will show which courses transferred in to UT, your grade in the course, and the credit hours for each course. Your academic history will help your advisor determine which courses you still need for your major. You can access your academic history by logging in to MyUTK ( and clicking on "view academic history" under your Self-Service Banner column.

Number two

What do UD and LD mean on my academic history?

You may find some courses marked as LD or UD on your academic history. This stands for "lower division" or "upper division". LD indicates that the course did not transfer as an exact UT course but is coming in as a 100-200 level course. UD indicates that the course is coming in as a 300-400 level course but again is not an exact match for a course offered here at UT.

What is the course petitioning process?

You will have an opportunity to petition courses that you feel satisfy specific requirements toward your major. In order to petition a course, you must provide a syllabus from the course. Please note that a petition does not guarantee that the course will be approved.

Number four

Why should I go to orientation?

Orientation will provide you with the tools necessary for success in your first year at UT. For more information about orientation or to register for an orientation session, visit

Number five

What should I expect from advising at orientation?

Advising during orientation is in a group advising format.

Number Six

Where can I find a list of acceptable transfer courses for UT?

You can access the transfer equivalency tables HERE.

Number Seven

Does admission to UT mean I am also admitted to the BSSW Program?

Admission to the university does not guarantee admission into the BSSW Program. For a detailed explanation of the BSSW Program requirements and the application, visit


Number Eight

How do I know which courses will transfer to UT?

You can visit the Transfer Equivalency Table ( where you will see a list of acceptable transfer courses from the schools that have articulation agreements, course equivalency agreements, and/or transfer pathways with UT.


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