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2016 Capstone Topics

Shanel Marie Bishop - Assessing School Climate and Academic Achievement: Readiness for Change

Daniel Jack Button - Palliative Care Didactic and Simulation Education Program Evaluation

Karen Theresa Cummings-Lilly - Understanding Appalachian Microaggressions from the Perspective of Community College Students in Southern West Virginia

William Feuerborn - Loneliness and Its Relationship to Hypersexual Behavior

Meaghan Elizabeth Fitzgerald - The Relationship between Sexual Abuse and Disordered Eating and the Mediating Effects of Physical Abuse, Emotional Abuse, and PTSD in Female Youth: A Retrospective Study Using Data from the LONGSCAN Database

Dana Marie Harrison - The Effects of Grief on Family Members of Executed Death Row Inmates

Melissa Fonseca Hernandez - An Evaluation of a Bystander Intervention Program for the Prevention is Sexual Assault at a Hispanic-serving Institution

Annice Rheynell Hysemith Overall - Assessing Outcomes for Students with Emotional Disturbance Served in Shelby County Schools Special Education Classes with School Social Work Services

Jacqueline Marie Johnson - Clinicians? Perceptions of Organizational Culture and Climate in a State-run Juvenile Justice Agency: A Pilot Study to Explore Ideas for Reducing Clinician Turnover

Cynthia Manzano - The Association Between Self-Compassion and Relational Well-Being in Racial and Age Groups of College Students

Pauline Patrick - The Efficacy of Florida’s Adolescent Shelter Care Services on Post-Placement and School Outcomes

Patrice Pickens-Sentino - Adolescent Daughters’ Perceptions of Father’s Levels of Communication, Care and Influence on Sexual Behaviors 

Keith Allen Platt - Opioid Craving Mediates the Relationship between Trait Mindfulness and Opioid Misuse

N. Bradley Simpson - Organizational Social Context and the Therapeutic Alliance

Stephanie L. Smith - The Risk of Age and Poverty on Depression with Emerging Adults

Sarah Strode Ferriss - Focus Group Study on Posttraumatic Growth in Somali Refugees

Michael A. Sullivan-Tibbs - Sleep Disturbances and Suicide?New Battles for Veterans of U.S. Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq: A Retrospective Review



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