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DSW Professional Alliance

DSW Professional Alliance

The vision for this site is that it will become a space for communication and interaction between clinical practitioners across the United States and the world where ideas can be shared and problems discussed.

It is hoped that the value of this space will increase over the course of the coming year as graduates assist the college in finding and implementing means for valuable interaction.

Please send us your thoughts and opinions:

Symbols of the DSW Professional Alliance

DDSW Alliance PinWe have chosen the symbol of the torch for the pin designating membership in the DSW Professional Alliance. The Torch of Enlightenment reminds us that as it shines, we are willing to stand behind in shadow in order to give light to others. It is our hope that membership in the DSW Professional Alliance will serve as a call to each of you to continue valuing intellectual curiosity and pursuing knowledge.

On behalf of the University of Tennessee, College of Social Work, we invite you to become lifelong Fellows of the Professional Alliance in recognition of your accomplishments in the Doctor of Social Work program. Welcome to this opportunity to share in a community that will promote excellence in clinical practice and leadership in the years ahead.


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