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What is the Difference between the
DSW and the PhD Programs

Our DSW program is a doctorate in social work with an emphasis on clinical practice and leadership.Working professionals will be able to complete the degree without disrupting his/her career.

The DSW is designed as a part-time program in which students complete two courses per semester, extending over eight consecutive semesters. Each class meets once a week in the evenings. The program is a hybrid/online program in that it includes the requirement that students come to the Knoxville campus for a week twice during their course of study. This on-campus opportunity is generally scheduled during the last week of June.

Applicants must have taken the GRE with in the last 5 years, have 2 years post MSW/MSSW experience, and be actively working in a clinical environment.

The PhD program is a doctorate of philosophy in social work with emphasis on research, critical thinking, and expanding the knowledge base, and is designed for those students interested in pursuing research and teaching in higher education. The PhD is offered on the Knoxville campus and is can extend over 3 year period of study. Participating students take classes during the day for two full years after which they spend a year to completing a dissertation. The time to complete the dissertation may vary from student to student depending on the student?s interest and research area.

Applicants for this program must have taken the GRE within the last 5 years and have a MS in social work or a closely related field. The PhD program has a very structured class curriculum yet provides the student with the opportunity, encouragement, and support to explore his/her research interests.

Prospective Students contact::
Susan Bryant, Coordinator of Student Recruitment


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