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College of Social Work Administration

The administrative team at the UT College of Social Work is composed of a small group of committed professionals who seek to maintain a high level of quality education in all the program areas of the school. Chancellor Jimmy Cheek has made the point that the goals for this university are broad and beyond providing the best undergraduate education in the state, they "include research and graduate education which are core to making us a better university overall. They are also critical to the state’s economy, job growth, and are needed for a more educated workforce.”

The administrative team is composed of the following:

David Dupper, Interim Dean.

Sherry Cummings, Associate Dean for Academics.

Robert M. Mindrup, Interim Director: BSSW Program.

Ragan Schriver, Director: Knoxville MSSW Program.

Kate Chaffin, Director: Nashville MSSW and Online MSSW Programs.

William Nugent, Associate Dean for Research and Interim Director: PhD Program.

David A. Patterson, Director: DSW Program.

Rebecca Jackson, Director: Field and International Education.

Maryanne Cunningham, Director: Social Work Office of Research and Public Service.

The College of Social Work leaders are determined to explore paths to excellence in every metric that is used to evaluate quality performance. We have joined with the university-wide effort to make UT a top-25 university. In so doing, we are focusing on excellence in the following major areas:

  1. Undergraduate Education
    • ACT Equivalent
    • Retention Rate
    • Six-Year Graduation Rate
  2. Graduate Education
    • Number of PhD's
    • Number of Master's and Professional Degrees
  3. Research
    • Federal Research
    • Total Research
  4. Faculty
    • Average Salaries
    • Student to Faculty Ratios
    • Faculty Awards
  5. Resources and Infrastructure
    • Teaching and Student Support
    • Endowments


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