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David Dupper, PhD

Interim Dean and Professor

Selected Publications:

Dupper, D.R. & Arwood, C. A. (2016). Bullying and Social Work Intervention. In Oxford Bibliographies in Social Work (E.J. Mullen, Ed.) New York: Oxford University Press.

Forrest-Bank, S. & Dupper, D.R.(2016).Coping Responses While Navigating Religious Minority Status in Public Schools: A Qualitative Study. Children and Youth Services Review, 61, 261-270.

Dupper, D.R., Forrest-Bank, S., & Lowry, A. (2014). Experiences of religious minorities in public school settings: Findings from focus groups involving Muslim, Jewish, Catholic and Unitarian Universalist youth. Children & Schools.

Dupper, D.R., Rocha, C., Jackson, R. & Lodato, G. (2014). Broadly trained but narrowly used? Factors that predict the performance of environmental vs. individual tasks by school social workers. Children & Schools, 36, 71-77.

Dupper, D.R. (2013). School Bullying: New Perspectives on a Growing Problem. New York: Oxford University Press.

Frey, A.J., Alvarez, M.E., Sabatino, C.A., Frey, A.J., Dupper, D.R., Lindsey, B.C., Raines, J.C., Streeck, F., McInerney, A. & Norris, M.P. (2012). The development of a national school social work practice model. Children & Schools, 34, 131-133.

Dupper, D.R. (2010). Does the Punishment Fit the Crime? The Impact of Zero Tolerance Discipline on At-Risk Youths. Children & Schools, 32, 67-69.

Dupper, D.R. (2010). A New Model of School Discipline: Engaging Students and Preventing Behavior Problems. New York: Oxford University Press.

Theriot, M.T., Craun, S.W. & Dupper, D.R. (2010). Multilevel evaluation of factors predicting school exclusion among middle and high school students. Children and Youth Services Review, 32, 13-19.

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Dupper, D.R., Theriot, M.T. & Craun, S.W. (2009). Reducing out-of-school suspensions:  Practice guidelines for school social workers. Children & Schools, 31, 6-14.

Dupper, D.R. & Dingus, A.M. (2008). Corporal punishment in U.S. public schools: A continuing challenge for school social workers. Children & Schools, 30, 243-250.

Whitted, K.S. & Dupper, D.R. (2008). Do teachers bully students? Findings from a survey of students in an alternative school setting. Education and Urban Society, 40, 329-341.

Dupper, D.R. (2003). School social work: Skills and interventions for effective practice. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

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