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Shandra Forrest-Bank, PhD

Director of the Social Work Office of Research and Public Service and Associate Professor

Selected Publications:

Forrest-Bank, S.S., Dupper, D.R. (2016). A qualitative study of coping with religious minority status in public schools. Children and Youth Services Review, 61, 261-270.

Forrest-Bank, S.S., , Nicotera, N., Basset D.M., & Ferrone, P. (2016). Effects of an expressive art intervention with urban youth in low-income neighborhoods. Child and Adolescent Social Work Journal, 33(5), 429-44 .

Forrest-Bank, S.S., (2016). Understanding and confronting racial microaggression: An imperative for social work. Critical Social Work, 17(1), 17-36.

Williford, A., Boulton, A. J., Forrest-Bank, S. S., Bender, K. A., Dieterich, W. A., & Jenson, J. M. (2016). The effect of bullying and victimization on cognitive empathy development during the transition to middle school. Child & Youth Care Forum, 45, 525-541.

Forrest-Bank, S.S., , Jenson, J.M., & Trecartin, S. (2015). The Revised 28-Item Racial and Ethnic Microaggression Scale (R28REMS): Examining the factorial structure for Black, Latino/Hispanic, and Asian young adults”. Journal of Social Service Research, 41, 326-344.

Forrest-Bank, S.S., & Jenson, J. (2015). Differences in Experiences of Racial and Ethnic Microaggression between Asian, Latino/Hispanic, Black, and White, Young Adults. Journal of Sociology and Social Welfare, 14, 141.

Forrest-Bank, S.S., & Jenson, J.M. (2015). The relationship among childhood risk and protective factors, racial microaggression and ethnic identity, and academic self-efficacy and antisocial behavior in young adulthood. Children and Youth Services Review, 50, 64-74.

Forrest-Bank, S.S., Nicotera, N., Anthony, E., & Jenson, J. (2015). finding their way: perceptions of risk, resilience, and positive youth development among adolescents and young adults from public housing neighborhoods. Children and Youth Services Review, 55, 147-158.

Dupper, D., Forrest-Bank, S.S., Lowry, A. (2015).“Experiences of religious minorities in public school settings: Findings from focus groups involving Muslim, Jewish, Catholic and Unitarian Universalist youth”. Children & Schools, 37(1), 37-45.

Forrest-Bank, S.S.;, Nicotera, N., Anthony, E., Jenson, J. M., Gonzales, B. (2013). Risk, protection, and resilience among youth residing in public housing neighborhoods. Child and Adolescent Social Work, 31(4),295-314.

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