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Marlys Staudt, PhD

Associate Professor

Selected Publications:

Staudt, M., Jolles, M. P., Chuang, E., & Wells, R. (in press). Child welfare caseworker education and caregiver behavioral service use and satisfaction with the caseworker. Journal of Public Child Welfare.

Staudt, M. & Massengale, K. (2015).  Parents involved with child welfare: Their perceptions of mental health services. Social Work in Mental Health,13, 336-348.

Staudt, M. (2014). The Needs of Parents of Youth who are Truant: Implications for Best Practices. Best Practices in Mental Health, 10, 47-53.

Reece, C., Staudt, M., & Ogle, A. (2013). Lessons learned from a neighborhood based collaboration to increase parent engagement. School Community Journal, 23, 207-225.

Staudt, M., Lodato, G., & Hickman, C. (2012). Therapists talk about the engagement process. Community Mental Health Journal, 48, 212-218.

Choi, S. & Staudt, M. (2011). Service use by parents in child welfare: Current knowledge and future needs. APSAC Advisor, 23, 20-23.

Staudt, M. & Williams-Hayes, M. (2011). A state survey of child advocacy center therapists' attitudes toward treatment manuals and evidence-based practice. Journal of Child Sexual Abuse, 20, 1-13.

Staudt, M. (2011). Practitioner biases and child service use disparities: Implications for social work education. Journal of Teaching in Social Work, 31, 145-162.

Staudt, M. & Cherry, D. (2009). Mental health and substance use problems of parents involved with child welfare: Are services offered and provided? Psychiatric Services, 60, 56-60.

Staudt, M. (2007) Treatment engagement with caregivers of at-risk children: Gaps in research and conceptualization. Journal of Child and Family Studies, 16, 183-196. 

Shoffner, J., Staudt, M., Marcus, S. & Kapp, S. (2007). Using telephone reminders to increase attendance at psychiatric appointments: Findings of a pilot study in rural Appalachia. Psychiatric Services, 58, 872-875.

Staudt, M. (2007). Two years later: Former students’ perceptions of a clinical evaluation course and current evaluation practices. Journal of Teaching in Social Work, 27, 125-139.

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