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The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, with over 200 years of academic tradition, is Tennessee's premier institution of higher learning. The University is committed to excellence in education and challenges its students and faculty to excel in scholarship, in research,PhD Student from Jordan and in contributions to economic, social, and cultural development. Several years ago, the University of Tennessee began the Ready for the World initiative. The College of Social Work immediately embraced the ideas of this program, encouraging students to gain international and intercultural knowledge that they need to succeed in today's world and seeking to attract international students to come to our campus.

The College offers multi-level degrees in Social Work:

  • The Bachelor of Science in Social Work (BSSW) Program
  • The Master of Science in Social Work (MSSW) Program
  • Doctor of Social Work (DSW) in Clinical Practice and Leadership Program
  • The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) with a major in Social Work Program

Options are available to complete the MSSW and DSW degrees through our online programs. In addition, the college offera a variety of certifications including;

  • Gerontology
  • Veterinary
  • Trauma
  • School Social Work

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Graduates of the College of Social Work generally become gainfully employed within 3-6 months of graduation in the following areas: Community Development, Fundraising, Program Administrators, Lobbyists, Policy Analysts, School Social Workers, Hospital and Medical Social Work, Mental Health Agencies, Drug and Alcohol programs, Military/Veterans Affairs

The College has an outstanding faculty who have received prestigious awards including:

  • Dr. Cindy Davis—Fulbright Senior Specialist Award
  • Dr. John Wodarski—SAMSHA Funding—US Virgin Islands on HIV AIDS
  • Dr. Terri Combs-Orme—Urban Child Institute—Endowed Professor, focus on Neuroscience
  • Dr. Kimberly Cassie—Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Research Award
  • Dr. Charles Glisson—Distinguished Professor and Research Director (CMHC)
  • Dr. Paul Campbell—Professor and Research Director (SWORPS)

The College has a Children's Mental Health Services Research Center (CMHSRC) & Social Work Office of Research and Public Service (SWORPS): The centers are engaged in over two dozen projects at any given time which are made possible by receiving millions of research dollars annually. PhD student have the opportunity to engage in research projects (collecting and analyzing data) in NIMH grants.

After selecting the University of Tennessee, Knoxville as your destination to earn yourBSSW, MSSW, DSW or PhD, applying to the University is the next step. It's important to meet admissions criteria and abide by admission deadlines to ensure you receive your immigration paperwork timely. Visit the International Admissions website for complete details.

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Conditional Acceptance

International Students must meet general UTK admission requirements in addition to receiving a passing TOEFL score. ( 550 paper/80 iBT/6.6ielts) The College of Social Work is a participant in the University of Tennessee, Knoxville Conditional Acceptance offer. Students should apply for admission to the UTK Graduate School and UTK College of Social Work, checking off the request for conditional admission, as well as complete the Request for English Proficiency Conditional Admission form. The College of Social Work admissions committee will review the applicants materials to determine whether a recommendation to the Graduate School for conditional acceptance is appropriate. The applicant will receive notification of the College's decision.

International Students whose re quest for conditional acceptance is approved will enroll in The University of Tennessee, Knoxville English Language Institute ( ELI) - pending successful TOEFL/IBT/IELTS scores which will grant the student full admission into the UTK Graduate School and College of Social Work.


Degrees Available at the UT College of Social Work

The degree programs that are offered through the College of Social Work are:

  • Bachelor of Science in Social Work (BSSW)
  • Master of Science in Social Work (MSSW)
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Social Work (PhD)
  • Doctor of Social Work (DSW) in Clinical Practice and Leadership

» See more information about degrees available at the UT College of Social Work.

Bachelor of Science in Social Work (BSSW):

The Bachelor of Science in Social Work (BSSW) program at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, College of Social Work exists to fulfill a need for disciplined, highly educated and trained generalist social workers to help people improve their social functioning in a technologically complex, culturally diverse, and rapidly changing world without borders. There is a focus on the reciprocal relationships between persons and their environments. Social workers are doers; they are problem-solvers who are able to intervene in multiple-level systems and perform various professional roles. Their actions are guided and informed by a broad knowledge-base, code of ethics, and professional values.

Master of Science in Social Work (MSSW):

The Master of Science in Social Work (MSSW) program offers a comprehensive and vigorous curriculum that prepares students to address pressing individual, family, community, and societal needs through use of cutting-edge knowledge and skills. The program combines state-of the art coursework with in-depth internship experiences. Students complete one of two specializations; Evidenced-Based Interpersonal Practice or Management Leadership and Community Practice, in order to focus their education to meet their professional goals.

The Evidenced-Based Interpersonal Practice specialization provides advanced training in therapeutic interventions and group work. It allows students to further tailor their education through a comprehensive offering of elective courses. EBIP graduates work in schools, hospitals, private practices, psychiatric clinics, prisons, non-profit agencies, community mental health centers, etc.

The Management Leadership and Community Practice specialization equips students with management, socio-economic development, and policy analysis skills that enable them to lead non-profit agencies, work for the state or federal government, and engage with communities to help address pressing needs.

The MSSW program is flexible and allows students to choose a program of study that best fits with the reality of their busy lives. The full-time program enables students to complete their studies in two years. The extended study program allows students to take classes on a part-time basis and complete the degree in three to four years. Our advanced standing program, which is for students who already have a BSW or BSSW degree from a U.S. Accredited College, can be completed in one year as a full-time student or in one-and-a-half to two years as a part-time student.

The College of Social Work has offered an Online MSSW Program since 2008. The curriculum and specializations are the same as the two UTK campuses, one in Knoxville and one in Nashville. The Online MSSW Program offers even further flexibility for those who are outside of the state of Tennessee and in international locations. Online students have the same choice of specializations and programs of study as regular face-to-face students, as they complete their coursework online. To date, the College's Online MSSW program has enrolled students located in South America (Belize) and South Africa ( EG) as well as Mexico and Canada.

Doctorate of Philosophy in Social Work (PhD):

The PhD in Social Work Program is designed for students who have earned a Master's degree from an accredited social work program and have post-master's social work/social welfare practice experience. Applicants who do not meet these requirements will need to achieve equivalent credentials as specified by the Doctoral Admission Committee.

The PhD program prepares graduates to be successful in academic jobs at top universities around the world. In our cutting-edge new curriculum, students learn about the latest methods for research and data analysis, innovative techniques for online and classroom teaching and assessment, and practical skills for securing external research funding and awards. Students professional development and mentorship are priorities in the Ph.D. program. Working closely with our distinguished faculty, students gain the knowledge and experience in critical topics like technical writing, publishing, and professional presentations to launch their academic careers, achieve their research goals, and develop expertise in their identified substantive area of study.

Doctor of Social Work (DSW) in Clinical Practice and Leadership:

The University of Tennessee, Knoxville College of Social Work offers a Doctor of Social Work (D.S.W.) in Clinical Practice and Leadership that prepares graduates for advanced clinical practice and leadership. Geared toward working professionals, the D.S.W. is an intensive accelerated program that enables students to satisfy all degree requirements in three years, without career disruption.

This program is an Online Hybrid program , Real-time or synchronous courses will make extensive use of interactive video and instructional media. Asynchronous features of the course will facilitate the use of online learning resources to enable information sharing outside predetermined time constraints.

Students will spend one week each summer on the UT Knoxville campus engaged in intensive knowledge and skills development.

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