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Kellie B. Gergely

Entered PhD Program in 2015


  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Minor in Sociology. University of Florida (2003)
  • Masters of Social Work Degree. Florida State University (2008)


Research Interests

The intergenerational transmission of child sexual abuse between mothers and their children. Neurobiological consequences of child maltreatment on the developing brain.


Brief Statement of Teaching Philosophy

My ultimate goal in facilitating student learning is for my students to walk out of my class better prepared to practice social work than before they came. Because social work is an applied profession, I teach students from a practice-informed perspective. Though basic knowledge gained from textbooks is valuable, actual social work practice exposure and experience is the key to transitioning an individual from social work student to social work practitioner. By linking students' classroom knowledge with real world scenarios and experiences, students will have the groundwork to become a successful social worker.


Recent Publications

Bolen, R.M., & Gergely, K.B. (In press). Child sexual abuse. In J. Conte (Ed.), Child Abuse and Neglect Worldwide. ABC-CLIO.

Bolen, R. M., & Gergely, K. B. (In review). A critical review of the relationship between nonoffending caregiver support and postdisclosure impairment in sexually abused children.


Recent Refereed and Invited Presentations

Gergely, K.B. (2013, October). Donations to a non-profit as incentive for survey completion: A randomized experiment. Paper presentation at the 59th Annual Program Meeting of the Council on Social Work Education, Dallas, TX.

Gergely, K. B. (2013, September). Intergenerational transmission of child sexual abuse: Is this a Global concern? Oral presentation at the 13th IPSCAN European Regional Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect, Dublin, Ireland.

Gergely, K. B. (2013, June). Do Forensic Interviewers Hold the Key to Accurate Estimates of Intergenerational Transmission of Child Sexual Abuse? Poster presentation at the 21st Annual Colloquium of the American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children, Las Vegas, NV.

Gergely, K. B. & Wilkins, B. T. (2012, November). Sundown Towns, Sundown Diagnoses: How Institutionalization Perpetuates Physical Separation between Races. Poster presentation at the 58th Annual Program Meeting of the Council on Social Work Education, Washington, DC.


Awards and Grants

(2012) Graduate Fellowship, National Institutes of Health Grant Writing Institute. University of Tennessee. Funded: $1200.

(2012) Competitive Graduate Student Travel Award, University of Tennessee, Funded: $750.

(2013) Summer Graduate Research Assistantship, Office of Research and Engagement University of Tennessee. Funded: $3600

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