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Accepted Abstracts of Faculty and Students for the CSWE Annual Program Meeting

Per the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE), the Annual Program Meeting (APM) " the place where social work education influencers collaborate, learn, teach, and grow. The 64th APM will be held November 8–11, 2018, at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort in Orlando, Florida. The 2018 APM theme is "Expanding Interprofessional Education to Achieve Social Justice." 

The College of Social Work will be well-represented at the APM. See the list of abstracts by College faculty members and students that have been accepted (PDF version):

Oral Presentations

Brown, A. (PhD student), Walters, J. (PhD student), Jones, A. (PhD student), Akinsola, O. (PhD student). "Are Rural Social Workers More Burnt Out? Examining Rurality and Burnout"

Combs-Orme, T., Rountree, S., (MSSW student) Cain, S., (PhD student) Thomas, L. & *Woodard, K. (BSSW student) Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS) and the Opioid Crisis: What Social Workers Need to Know. "Hot Topics"

Elliott, S. (PhD student), West, S., & Bills, K. (PhD student). Unconditional Cash Transfers: An Innovative Response to Natural Disasters.

Forrest-Bank, S., Held, M., Akinsola, O. (PhD student). Recommendations for Serving Resettled Refugee Youth: A Systematic Review and Provider Interviews.

Hall, J.C., College Student Success: Attitudes Toward Colorism Among African American College Students.

Hall, J.C., Jones, A. (PhD student), & Crutchfield, J. Intergenerational Stress: Determinants and Consequences for Women.

Hall, J.C., Jones, A. (PhD student), Intergenerational Stress & Coping: Determinants and Consequences for Women.

Hamilton, L. & West, S. Universal Basic Income: The Economic Imperative for Social Work?

Jones, A. (PhD student). Body image and binge drinking among adolescents: Implications for social work practice

Mallory, K. and Foster, C. Preparing Professional Social Workers for an Interprofessional World.

Pilkay, S. and Combs-Orme, T. Maternal Trauma History Effects on Newborn Brain Development Gene Activity

Schriver, R., Held, M., Chaffin, K. Medication Adherence with Latino Populations: Training Social Work Students for Multidisciplinary Work.

Steckel, S., Crane Mallory, K., Skeesick, J. (MSSW Student), Framing Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs): Where Communications Science and Policy Advocacy Intersect.

Thomas, L., Cain, S. (PhD student), Combs-Orme, T. Impact of Maternal Proximity on Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome Severity: A Biopsychosocial.

Thompson, P. A perpetrator characteristic that predicts interdisciplinary outcomes of child sexual abuse substantiation



Chaffin, K. and Hannaway, N. The Importance of Human Relationships: Educators Role in Advising.

Chaffin, K., Hannaway, N. , Davidson, H. The Role of Advising in Interprofessional Education: A Proactive Approach.

Curington, A., Williamson, E., Jackson, R., Parker, J., Lewis, L., Coleman, S. Connecting with Field Education: Sharing Best Practices


Panel Presentation

Gallup, D., Walters, J. (PhD student), & Papel, D. Innovative methods to prepare future social work leaders and managers.

Held, M. A Village Enterprise: Social Work-Engineering Interprofessional Education Advances Social Justice in Ghana.


Poster Presentations

Brown, A. (PhD student),Walters, J. (PhD student), & Jones, A. (PhD student). Are Rural Social Workers More Burnt Out? Examining Rurality and Burnout.

Reyes Mason, L., Tatum, L. Weiss, S., Hathaway, J. Youth empowerment and environmental sustainability: Citizen science in an urban watershed.

Walters, J. (PhD student), Brown, A. (PhD student), & Jones, A. (PhD student). (2018, November) No money, no problem: Obtaining a large sample with no funding.

Yoon, S. (PhD student), Cummings, S., & Nugent, W. How Coping Strategies Impact Suicidal Ideation in Older Adults After Spousal Abuse



Click here for a listing of College faculty, students, and alumni presentations from the 2018 Society for Social Work Research (SSWR) Annual Conference .

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