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Board of Visitors

History and Purpose

The Board of Visitors serves the college by offering many forms of advice and support. It is a volunteer advisory body dedicated to helping the college successfully fulfill its teaching, research, and service missions. The individuals on the board bridge the gap between the private, public, and academic sectors. The board provides counsel and advice regarding goals and objectives, student experiences, resources and financial support. The Board of Visitors provides leadership and guidance to help the college better prepare today’s students.


The Board of Visitors serves in a collaborative relationship with the leadership and faculty of the College of College of Social Work to improve the educational opportunities of students and advance the reputation of the college as a whole. Members work as ambassadors to the general community, social work agencies, potential donors, as well as prospective students. BOV members contribute their professional expertise and perspective, time and energy, direct and indirect professional support and lend their influence to the success of the college.

Membership on the Board of Visitors is one of the highest honors that the college can bestow upon its supporters. The professional experience and perspectives represented collectively in the members of the Board is of great value to the college in helping it to achieve its mission and guide its future directions .