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Accounts Payable/Receivable

Payable is the area in which bills are processed and paid for items purchased, received, services rendered, etc. These payments include: Invoices, Petty Cash Reimbursement and Procurement Card.

Before any purchase can be procured, a CSW Order Request Form (ORF) (PDF) must be completed and fully approved.
IMPORTANT: For all PDF files, download the file and open in Adobe DC or Adobe Reader DC (do not open in your browser) so that you may use the signature boxes. When opening in a browser, the signature boxes do not appear.

If you have any questions about Accounts Payable, please contact the College Finance & Administration Office.

There are certain guidelines to follow when processing invoices for payment. Please see below for guidance.

Prior to Purchase

Appropriate Invoices

The university will pay for materials or services upon receipt of all goods and services and receipt of an original, itemized invoice. An appropriate invoice has the following characteristics:

  1. An original invoice is required for all purchases of materials and services. If an original invoice cannot be obtained, a photocopy, facsimile, or certified copy can be used for payment provided an explanation is written on the invoice or an attached memo.
  2. Invoices must be itemized to identify the quantity and price for all items purchased.
  3. All invoices must be billed to the University of Tennessee.
  4. Invoices written in pencil will not be accepted by the university.

Preparing Invoices for Approval and Payment

  1. Upon receipt of the invoice, the date received (month, day, year) should be written or stamped on the invoice.
  2. Confirm receipt of all items purchased. If there was a purchase order, the number must appear on the invoice. If not preprinted on the invoice, the department may write the purchase order number on the invoice.
  3. Confirm calculation of the invoice is correct. If not, contact the vendor for a revised invoice. If receive verbal authorization to correct/revise the invoice, write the name of person from the vendor approving the correction on the invoice.
  4. UT is tax exempt. Therefore, sales tax should be deducted from the invoice. A Tennessee sales tax exemption form can be found on the Treasurer’s Office website.
  5. Submit invoice with a copy of the ORF to the appropriate CSW staff member.
  6. Payment is dispersed based on the vendor payment method chosen by the vendor at the time the vendor is established in IRIS. The payment range is from immediate (meaning the next payment run) or up to 40 days.

Petty Cash funds are used to provide reimbursement to faculty, staff, students, etc. for purchases made with personal funds for university departments.

Types of Purchases

Petty cash funds should be used for emergency and miscellaneous purchases of supplies and materials from sources outside the university. These funds should not be used for purchases from central supply stores, university bookstores, or any other university department. Purchases from sources within the university are charged to departments by internal transfer.

Amount of Purchases

Please contact the CSW Business Office regarding expense limits.

Prior to Purchase

Reimbursement Procedures and Required Receipts

The Petty Cash Reimbursement Request Form (T-44) (PDF) must be used to request reimbursement for petty cash expenditures. When completing this form, please include proper justification of purchase. No items considered personal will be reimbursed. Each request should be accompanied by itemized receipts. Please note sales tax can be added to the receipt by the vendors. This tax can be included when requesting reimbursement for expenditures.

One of the following types of receipts is required to support petty cash purchases. In order of preference, these receipts are (1) vendor’s invoice, (2) detailed cash register or other vendor receipt.

Other Important Information

All goods/items purchased must be shipped to a University address. All receipts must have proof of payment reference somewhere on the receipt(s). Funds cannot not be used to purchase items from a vendor that UT currently has a contract through UT Marketplace (ex. Staples, Amazon, etc.). If you have any questions, please contact the CSW Business Office.

All paperwork for Contracts or Purchase Orders for the College of Social Work is processed through the CSW Business Office. Please contact Ali Giecek if you have any questions..

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