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Certificate Programs Available

The College of Social Work is pleased to offer specialized certificate programs to students enrolled in the MSSW program – and in some cases, for those seeking a post-graduate certificate of specialization. Advanced elective courses and field settings combine to provide current students with extensive knowledge and experience within the following specialized areas:

Graduate Certificates

  • Forensic Social Work
    Completing the forensic social work certificate provides students with the coursework and practical experience needed to provide forensic services and evidence-based interventions in a variety of settings including, but not limited to, prisons, juvenile justice settings, child welfare, public defender offices and legal aid, programming and policy development.
  • Gerontology
    Completing the gerontology certificate enables students to integrate aging-related knowledge and skills into their own disciplinary field, to bring specific gerontological training to the provision of services for an older population, and will demonstrate to employers that they have received formal gerontological training.
  • School Social Work Licensure
    The School Social Work Licensure Program equips students with the knowledge and skills necessary to practice in school settings throughout the state of Tennessee.
  • Trauma
    The Trauma Treatment Graduate Certificate (TTGC) program is intended for currently admitted MSSW students entering their year of concentration courses. This program will provide students with the knowledge and practical experience needed to provide trauma-specific interventions and trauma-informed programming and policy development.
  • Veterinary Social Work
    The Veterinary Social Work certificate program offers a comprehensive foundation in veterinary social work topics focusing on the knowledge and skills needed to integrate animals into social work practice in ethically sound ways and in keeping with the values of the social work profession.

Post Graduate Certificates

  • Post Graduate Trauma Certificate 
    The Post Graduate Trauma Certificate (PGTC) delivers a critical overview of trauma and a deep understanding of neurophysiology, trauma theory, and trauma treatment and how these concepts intersect. The PGTC has been developed for anyone with a master’s degree or higher in fields of social work, counseling, human service and allied health professions who have interest in increasing knowledge and skills to deal with trauma and trauma recovery. 
  • Post Graduate Veterinary Social Work Certificate
    The Postgraduate Veterinary Social Work Certificate Program provides education for mental health professionals on the four areas of veterinary social work. This is not a degree program, it is a continuing education certificate.
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