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NASW-TN names Becky Jackson as Social Work Educator of the Year

Congratulations to Becky Jackson for being selected as one of the Educators of the Year by the Tennessee Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW-TN). Here is the announcement from the NASW-TN Children & Families Connections June 2020 Newsletter:

Nominator Information: This nomination was submitted by the Field Education Staff Team at UT College of Social Work

Becky JacksonBecky Jackson, a treasured faculty member of the University of Tennessee, College of Social Work is an Assistant Professor of Practice and a leader in field education. She has been the Director of Field and International Education since 2013. She previously served as the MSSW Field Coordinator for the Knoxville campus from 2004 to 2013. Prior to coming to the University, Becky worked for several years in residential services for children, adolescents and young adults. She served as a Social Worker, Centennial Project Director, and Administrator of the John Tarleton Home for Children. In addition, she served as a Volunteer Coordinator for the Helen Ross McNabb Center and taught English as a Second Language at Maryville College Center for English Language Learning.

Becky is a source of unending inspiration and sincere encouragement to all, making her an approachable person to talk to about anything. On countless occasions, she spends hours with students engaging them in problem solving or deciding if studying abroad is for them. She works tirelessly on educational policies and procedures to improve and advance field education for students, field instructors and faculty. She volunteers her time as the Phi Alpha Advisor for the BSSW and MSSW programs and serves as an off-site field instructor for community agencies who do not employee social workers.

Becky leads by example. She is a dedicated, passionate, ethical social work educator who models the social work values in her work with students, faculty, and staff. Becky models true self care and wellness. She genuinely cares about and supports the well-being of the field team. This support has inspired us to not only focus more on our own wellness, but to encourage students to do the same. Through this example, Becky’s influence touches every social work student at the University of Tennessee, encouraging the importance of developing self care practices that promote professional resilience.