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Potential Field Education Placement Sites


The College of Social Work partners with organizations throughout the state of Tennessee – and other states – to provide student field placements. Every effort is made to develop and maintain a comprehensive array of options representing all of the varied fields of social work practice. Field Coordinators are continuously working to increase student access to placement settings that match students’ interests and needs.

The lists you will find below are intended to provide current and prospective students with a sample of the organizations with which the College of Social Work is currently affiliated. These lists are organized by field of social work practice so that students may identify organizations that match their learning and career goals. Each organization’s website, if available, is also listed so that students may investigate the types of programs and services offered by the agency.

While the lists are representative of the types of placements that are available, but not every organization listed offers placements every year. Circumstances within each agency change on a fairly frequent basis, which means that, for any specific semester, a placement may not be accepting students or may already have a student for the semester/year.

Students should use this information to prepare for planning meetings with the Field Coordinator and for agency interviews. Students should not contact agencies directly to inquire about placement. If, after review of the agency website, the student has specific questions, s/he is to contact the Field Coordinator. Students must follow the placement planning procedure as stipulated in the MSSW manual and information provided by the Field Coordinator.

Potential Field Education Placement Sites

BSSW Program

MSSW: Chattanooga Area

MSSW: Knoxville Area

MSSW: Nashville

MSSW: Middle TN


MSSW: Out of State

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