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College of Social Work Strategic Vision


Thriving communities with equitable outcomes for all


Pursuing a more socially just society through education, scholarship, and engagement.

To do this, we…
…equip professional social workers with the knowledge and skills to facilitate well-being and equity.

…conduct groundbreaking, interdisciplinary research that informs policy and practice.

…build partnerships that leverage our resources to improve lives in Tennessee and beyond.


Innovation: Committing to a spirit of continual learning and creativity in education, scholarship, engagement, and administration.

Respect: Recognizing and honoring the dignity, value, and well-being of each person, in all of their identities and interests.

Empathy: Informing action with curiosity and understanding.

Inclusion: Equipping programs and decision-makers to provide equitable access to opportunities and resources.

Collaboration: Building authentic, mutually beneficial relationships that empower shared success.

Integrity: Exemplifying transparency, accuracy, and the highest standards of professional ethics.

Accountability: Holding ourselves and one other responsible for living into our shared values.

Strategic Vision Booklet