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Online MSSW Program

Yes, you can earn your MSSW degree online!

Flexibility. It is something that many interested in pursuing a graduate degree need. This could be because they don’t live near a college campus, or because of family, work, or other personal demands on their life.

The College of Social Work offers the MSSW program through "face to face" classes on the University of Tennessee, Knoxville campus as well as at the College’s Nashville campus. The Online MSSW program was created to allow students to pursue a MSSW degree regardless of their physical proximity to one of the two campuses.

The Online MSSW is one of the nation’s top accredited online programs when it comes to value and affordability, according to newly released rankings from the GetEducated consumer organization. (Read more here.) It’s important to note that whether you take classes on campus or online, the MSSW program is taught by the same professors, is held to the same high standards, and is fully accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE).

The Online MSSW program has the same flexible courses of study (part time, full time, and advanced standing), the same concentrations (Evidenced-Based Interpersonal Practice and Organizational Leadership), the same ability to pursue a certificate program, and the same field practice (internship) requirements. The only difference between the Online program and the traditional on-campus program is where you take classes. See the MSSW Program Details for complete information.

Courses in the Online MSSW program are taught online through synchronous and asynchronous approaches. Real-time or synchronous courses will make extensive use of interactive video conferencing software and instructional media. (For the “live online” sessions, students log into a video conference session and hear from the professor live – and interact with other classmates at the same time. Live sessions are often conducted in the late afternoons or early evening.) Asynchronous features of the course will facilitate the use of online learning resources to enable information sharing outside predetermined time constraints.

This may be an obvious statement, but please note that having a computer (laptop or desktop) is a must for those in the Online MSSW program . You will not be able to do everything that you need to do for your classes on just a phone or tablet. Computer requirements for “live online” sessions of Online MSSW classes may be found at:


Here’s what just a few of our Online MSSW program graduates have to say:

Some students may be imtimidated by online courses, but the staff and professors at the UT College of Social Work have developed a seemless, solid program designed with flexibility in mind. Time constraints or geography unfortunately prohibit some individuals from further pursuing their educational goals, but the Online MSSW program eliminates these barriers while also ensuring that each student still receives a high-quality education. As a three-year alumna, I still consider earning my MSSW through the UT College of Social Work’s Online program the best decision I made throughtout my educational career.
–Beth Simpson, MSSW, LMSW

Through the support and supervision that I received from the program, I was able to travel abroad as a non-traditional student with my family and complete an internship in Belize for one school year. The field experience truly helped me grow and allowed me to view the role of social workers from an international perspective. The Online MSSW program provided me with an opportunity of a lifetime that was both challenging and rewarding – and the perfect balance of what I needed and what I wanted.
–Jamila Walker, MSSW

Despite having a very demanding and unpredictable work schedule, the Online MSSW options made it possible for me to earn my degree. All of the staff were incredibly supportive throughout my time in the program, especially my field coordinators who worked with me to find placements that were flexible around my work obligations, but also gave me great experiences in my areas of interest.
–Amy Campbell-Pittz, MSSW, JD

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